The Edge Murphy Bed

The Edge Murphy Bed

The Edge Murphy BedThe wall bed is an interesting piece of furniture that was named after, and patented by, William Lawrence Murphy around the year 1900. Lawrence was infatuated with a well known opera singer at that time. Back then, it was frowned upon in society for a woman to enter into a man’s bedroom. So, using his intuition, he decided to use this style of bed to make his room into a parlor and a bedroom at the same time. This way he could have the opera singer enter his bedroom “disguised as a parlor.” He could also use the room to entertain people whom he had over. In the end he did end up with the opera singer and the two were married later in 1900.

The Edge Murphy Bed features a bed that can be hidden in plain sight because it can fold into an upright position. In its upright position it can be made to look like a simple bookshelf or even a wardrobe. The bed itself has been featured in shows and movies throughout the ages even starting in the year it was patented (1900) in a film called “A Bulletproof Bed” also known as “Subub Surprises the Burglar” which was a remake created in 1903 by Edison Productions. During the 1910s it was used as a slapstick prop element that always exaggerated the operation of the Murphy Bed, typically when it would be closed to conceal something.

The Murphy Bed has many interesting and useful features. It comes in all shapes and sizes from a small twin bed all the way up to a full king size bed. The Murphy Bed also comes in a variety of different solid woods (no particle board). This variety allows for a personal touch when it comes to decorating your living and sleeping space. Let’s say you live in a large open flat. The bed can fold right up and it looks and functions just like a set of shelves for decoration. A Murphy Bed can even transform into a desk or a table once it is in its upright position. In recent times, the Murphy Bed is now shown to have many different features such as lighting, storage areas, as well as space for your office supplies. Some versions of the bed have also been shown to have miniature fridges installed into the side panels. The headboard of the bed can also have depth changes that can allow for even more storage space so you can store things like pillows and or bed sheets.

The convenience of the bed itself cannot be understated and this lies within the design. It is a perfect addition to a small home, apartment, mobile homes, hotels, and dormitories. If you are a college student who needs a little bit more space in your sleeping area this is a perfect piece of furniture for you. At Wilding Wallbeds we are all about convenience for the customer. This is why we want to make sure that the wall beds we design, build, and install for our customers are second to none and will last. As stated prior, these bed frames are made out of solid wood, which make them a very nice, durable piece of furniture for your space as well as being something that will stay in great condition for years to come. Wilding Wallbeds offers a piston lifted bunk bed option, which is a fun and creative option that is great for children of all ages.

So when it comes to the wall beds, a common question that comes up is how it operates, how it is able to function the way it does. In the early days the Murphy Beds were hinged at one end so they could be lifted into the upright position. They could also be hinged on either the right or left side for a sideways hinged bed. As time has gone on there have been newer and easier ways to get the wall bed to go up and down with ease. The most common way is the use of a piston-lift, which is much like the pistons on a car with a hatchback, or torsion springs which both allow for bringing it up or down to be much easier. Here at Wilding Wallbeds, these lifting systems come with a lifetime warranty. Most Murphy Beds do not contain a box spring, they are more closely related to a platform bed. The bed lays on a platform and it is attached to the frame held on by elastic straps. These straps also prevent the bed from falling down or slumping when in the upright position. The Murphy Beds themselves also come with added safety features such as a locking mechanism. This works by having the legs at the end of the bed preventing the bed to come down until these legs are pulled out into their correct position first. This will prevent any unwanted accidents that concern the bed falling out of the upright position.

There have been many times in my life when I wished I could’ve had a Murphy Bed. When I was around the age of 5 I was living in a two bedroom apartment with my mother and step-dad. Although we had a fair amount of space for three people in my room specifically it would’ve been great to have a Murphy Bed. I would’ve had so much more space to play in especially when I would have friends over for a playdate. When I was going to college I lived in a dorm. Now, if you have ever lived in a dorm before you will understand where I am coming from when I say it is a “small” amount of space. I shared this small dorm room with my roommate at the time. We had two of everything in that room. This translates to a very small amount of usable area. If we both would’ve had a Murphy Bed our dorm would’ve for sure been a lot more spacious and honestly much more like home for the both of us. Even now in my adulthood and my current living situation I wish I could have a Murphy Bed not only for the space, but for, as I have stated, a decorative piece with shelves that I can have items on for show during the day or if I have guests over to my home. All in all, the wall bed is a great product to own, they are durable, convenient, and are an excellent conversation starter if you have any guests over and they wonder what is within the wardrobe or bookshelf.

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