4 Murphy Bed FAQ’s

The Edge Murphy Bed

How much do you know about Murphy Beds? If you have questions, you are not alone. While purchasing and owning a Murphy Bed is not as straightforward as a typical mattress and bed frame, it doesn’t have to be complicated. Continue reading to find the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions at Wilding Wallbeds.

What Is A Murphy Bed?

A Murphy Bed (sometimes referred to as a wall bed), is a bed that is hinged on one end so it can be stored vertically against a wall when it is not being used. This design allows you to create all sorts of options with the space in your home. Murphy Beds are different than a sofa bed or futon because in a Murphy Bed, the mattress does not have to fold to be put away. A mattress that folds into a sofa can easily lose the qualities that make it comfortable to sleep on. This is just one reason why a Murphy Bed is the way to go.

What’s The Difference Between A Murphy Bed And Wall Bed?

The short answer is the lifting mechanism. Murphy Beds use a spring lift mechanism. There are several types of spring lift mechanisms in use today. Some are stand alone, spring driven, metal frames. Others integrate a modified spring lift mechanism into the wooden pieces that constitute the cabinet.

Wall beds only use piston lift mechanisms. The pistons are gas charged and always integrated into the wood framing that constitutes the cabinet of the wall bed.

Some other difference include:

  • The piston lift mechanism (wall bed) is a newer invention than the spring lift mechanism (Murphy Bed)
  • In the Murphy Bed/wall bed world, the main focus is saving space. The newer version, the piston lift, takes significantly less space to operate.
  • Murphy Beds are available in king size and wall beds are not.
  • Wall beds can hold twice as much weight as a Murphy Bed.
  • The motion of a wall bed causes the head of the bed to be at a closer proximity to the headboard. This means there is no gap between the headboard and head of the bead for pillows to sink into. This is a very popular feature.
  • Both will be delivered disassembled and require assembly in the room. The Murphy Bed will come in much smaller pieces, making it much easier to navigate an awkward entry or stairway.
  • Wall bed assembly and installation is much quicker because it comes in fewer pieces.
  • The mattress box surrounding the mattress of a wall bed is a beautiful 6” H wood box with a “Hand Crafted By Wilding Wallbeds” plaque at the foot. A Murphy bed comes with a black metal mattress surround that is about 3” high.
  • Wall beds come with a wonderful pair of locking legs included in the mechanism. This provides an added safety feature because these beds cannot accidentally come open. You must lift both legs in order to release the bed face. Murphy beds have an optional set of key locks if you would like this added safety feature.

Can I Use My Own Mattress?

This is one of the most asked questions. Most people don’t want to give up a mattress they like. And the answer is yes, you can – just as long as it is the correct height and weight. But there are some other things to consider. Your mattress has probably been engineered to stay in the horizontal position. The mattress in a wall bed is designed specially to be kept in a vertical position.

Using a horizontally-designed mattress in an upright bed can cause a problem with the mattress called “slumping.” This is when the coils inside the mattress or the foams inside begin to slide down towards the floor because of gravity. This can create a bump at the head of the bed. Once this happens, the mattress is ruined. For this reason, there is a really nice Simmons Beautyrest mattress on display in the St. George showroom to demonstrate what happens when the wrong kind of mattress is used. Not even the fabulous Simmons Beautyrest mattress (that has been engineered to lie flat) can sit vertically without slumping.

Wilding wall beds and Murphy Beds are designed to carry a mattress that is up to 12” thick. (With the exception of the Bookcase Wallbed that cannot exceed 11”).

A wall bed can be modified by making the side boards deeper than standard, allowing for a thicker mattress. Every inch added to the depth of the sideboards creates 1” extra space for your mattress. With a standard 11” thick mattress, the top of your mattress will be just over 20 inches from the ground. This is slightly higher than a typical dining chair or sofa that sits 18” high in most cases. If desired, the piston lift beds can also be modified to sit higher from the floor.

Give Wilding Wallbeds a call to get more information and make an informed choice.

How Difficult Is it To Install My Murphy Bed?

Depending on the model, installing your Murphy Bed will probably take a couple hours. This process can be done with basic household tools. If you need assistance, check out this page for helpful instruction videos. For further help, call Wilding Wallbeds Customer Service Hotline.

About Wilding Wallbeds

Wilding Wallbeds has been building and shipping wall beds across the United States and Internationally since 1997. Because Wilding Wallbeds is the manufacturer, the pricing is direct. This allows you to save thousands of dollars on comparable products. Nowhere else will you find a greater selection of styles, wood types, colors and home office options.

Wilding Wallbeds leads the industry in innovation – creating the first Murphy Bunk Bed in the industry. Other innovations from Wilding include the “Hidden Locking Leg”, the solid wood bed face and the drop down table just to name a few. You’ll have the option to get customized cabinetry built to fit your available space. There is no better value for your hard earned dollar. You are never looked at as a number and your experience from order through setup will be a pleasant, helpful and informative experience.

Wilding Wallbeds mission statement is “Through team efforts, handcrafting the finest quality wall beds and innovative space-saving products that deliver superior value, and creating a positive customer experience through attention to detail and unsurpassed customer service. The company vision is “Saving space…beautifully, with quality and innovation, one customer at a time.” Contact Wilding Wallbeds today to learn more or get an order started.

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